Industry Announcement - King Highway to distrubute Verdegro Crash Cushions in UK

Last Edited: 01/08/2017

King Highway Products Limited has reached an agreement to become the sole distributor of Verdegro crash cushions for the UK market.

The Verdegro TMA-US 100K is the newest product to have been approved in the UK by Highways England and it has received rapid market acceptance since its UK launch in 2014 and was the biggest selling product in 2015. Verdegro has been considering how it would strengthen and consolidate its position as market leader and in discussions has recognised that King can provide additional engineering support which together with King’s company owned service package will provide an improved overall product offering to its UK customers.

King has recently relaunched its Traffic Management division, consolidating both its equipment sales and IPV rental activity and is relocating to a new 2,000 sq. m. assembly, service and repair facility in Market Harborough to offer its clients a 24/7 full service package. The new factory and workshops will increase the assembly capability by more than 100%.

Now with its additional capacity, and after demonstrating to Verdegro, King’s high level of engineering knowledge, the two companies have reached agreement to train the King team to rebuild crash cushion components, including cartridges, in its repair facility. This is expected to significantly reduce the downtime, critical for operators whose IPV’s are involved in incidents.

The Verdegro crash cushion meets all requirements of NCHRP350 TL-3 100 kph and has passed the additional test requirements of TD49/07 with 110 kph in the UK.

King will also be including the Verdegro cushion in the industry standard voluntary TMATA service regime which now means that ALL popular makes of TMA’s(crash cushions) are now covered by the scheme.